Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Affordable Website Hosting Providers in Texas

If you live and work in the state of Texas there are plenty of web hosting companies to meet the needs of a small business or a personal blog. The following is review of 10 website hosting providers in Texas who provide shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting and domain registration services.

Hostgator is the grand daddy of web hosting. Since 2002 HostGator has grown from a small hosting company with just three servers into a world leading and industry recognized hosting provider with more than 12,000 servers under management. The over five million domains hosted by HostGator make up approximately 1% of the world's Internet traffic. The company is privately owned and based in Houston, Texas.

Hostgator provides affordable and cheap web hosting services to world wide clients who need personal blogs and business websites. Monthly hosting Plans start from $3.96. SIGN UP WITH HOSTGATOR.

Bounceweb - Web Host Texas
From humble Texas, they started by providing free web hosting but they are now a full-fledged web hosting service at amazingly low prices that everyone can afford and benefit from. Bounceweb hosting plans start from $6.67. for that you get unlimited disk space and unlimited transfer.

Kazila.com - Static Website Host in Texas
This web host is from Cypress Texas. A young web hosting company that started in 2007. They offer dirty very low cost and cheap website hosting. Plans start from $2.5 per month with very limited service. They are good for anyone who wants a static website I don't think Kazila would even handle a very popular blog.

Netlink Texas - Free Domain Name Provider
The catch on there promotion package is plans are inclusive of a free domain name. To get the domain name you must sign up for a long term contract. Netlink cheapest hosting plan is beginner and it cost $5.95 per month.

If you operate a small medium sized business you can choose their advanced service that cost $18.95/m.

Onehosting plan - Texas Blog host
When I first heard about them I thought they had a single plan but that was not the case. Onehosting is Based in Houston, this web host provider has packages Starting from $4/month that offer 1000 MB disk space, 10 gigabyte of traffic and Unlimited subdomains.

That package is sufficient to run a beginner blog website but if your website catches fire you will need to upgrade things.

Sprocket - Small Business Web Hosting In Texas
Located in Dallas, Sprocket Networks operates secure, fault tolerant data centers designed to provide 100 percent uptime for your business applications and IT infrastructure. They provide a basic plan that starts from $12/m to an advanced plan that cost $65.

3IX - Web hosting for $1/m
When we talk of low cost web hosting in Texas this is what we mean. Hosting for just a dollar. Before you rush and purchase this plan just know it is only good for maintaining a static web page. For that $1 3IX will provide you with 10 Gb disk space and 20Gb transfer. Not good to run even a blogging business.

This is a rather expensive web host company from Dallas Texas. What other TX companies are offering for under $4/m they are doing it for near $10/m. Alwayswebhosting.com are charging $9.95/m for entry level plan for a 10GB disk space and the same thing 3IX is selling for $1/m.

eregistry web hosting review
eRegistry is a Houston privately owned and operated hosting company and domain registrar based in Houston, TX. Founded in June 2003. From the way they have named their plans I can only conclude they are focusing on business niche. Entrepreneur, Business, corporate and network. The cheapest plan is $4.99/m.

Greenyhosting - Texas Green Web Hosting
There has been a trend toward Green hosting and this is the latest from Houston Texas. Founded in 2009, Since then they have been providing web hosting, domain registration services in Texas. Greenyhosting plans start from $1.49/m


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