Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Australia Web Hosting Company With Servers In USA

If you are an Australian online business and you target America customers you will be btter served by a web host company with servers hosted in USA. Statistics show the location of the servers can make a difference when it comes to speed. The nearer the location of the servers the faster the websites load times.

Anchor, an Australian web hosting company has set up US-based servers following the installation and configuration of its web server equipment in a Los Angeles.

Anchor CEO, Keiran Holloway, announced the launch of the US-based service, which he claimed offered hosting customers an unmatched level of performance and service “when compared to the alternative of renting capacity from US web hosting providers.”

Believed to be a first of its kind for an Australian hosting company, Anchor has completed the installation and configuration of web server equipment in a Los Angeles facility.

“Australian online businesses are servicing global markets and more of our clients are seeking a high-quality experience for their important US customers,” Holloway said. “Anchor has a reputation for technical expertise — we’re not just a generic hosting provider. You come to us to help you solve intractable problems you can’t fix with your current provider, or because you have specific needs which can’t be met off-the-shelf.”

“Now the same hands-on, high quality service and support applies to our hosting service in the US. If you’re an Australian online business hoping to make it big in the world’s biggest online marketplace, we’re the right choice.”

Anchor is a web hosting start up that provides hosting for, websites and blogs.


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