Monday, March 19, 2012

Domain Names Ideas For A Real Estate Website

A real estate domain name should be a name that helps you to be found online. Before you generate domain name ideas for your real estate website ask yourself this question, what type of keywords do people looking for my services use on Google? If you are a Manhattan based Realtor, do people type in your name or do they type something like "houses Manhattan" "real estate agent Manhattan""property agent Manhattan"

Ideas For Generating Domain Name For A Real Estate Website

As you can see, don't use your name as the domain name for your real estate website unless you are an already established Realtor and your name is well known in the community and media.

You can know the keywords searchers use to find your services by using Google Keyword Tool. If you type Manhattan Real Estate agent it will give a full list of other related keywords e.g, "house agent Manhattan" "real estate agent Manhattan""property agent Manhattan"plus the volume of search.

The idea of using the popular keywords is to try to make sure that when people such for those keywords you website comes first. Beware, the name alone will not guarantee number one ranking on Google, you will need to work hard to optimise the website for higher ranking.

Using a domain name search tool you can enter some of the keywords and see if they are available. The chances of them being available is very low. If you still want a certain keyword you can add dashes between the words to see whether it is still available. Another example is to add letters hq or tx after the keywords.

You could try using the names of smaller neighborhoods you serve instead of the larger metropolitan area. In the case of the Manhattan example, you could try using the The upper east side, Soho, Nolita and Harlem in your domain name.

Once you have settled on a domain you need to register the domain name with a web hosting company. Domain names cost $10 a year. My recommended registrar is blue host web hosting. They will give you a FREE DOMAIN NAME for your Real Estate website if you purchase their web hosting plan. They have web hosting plans for real estate websites that start from $5.95 a month.


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