Friday, March 16, 2012

Google Says Adding Google Plus Can Boost Traffic

Every owner of a small business website is looking for ways to boost traffic to their website. One strategy website owners use to drive traffic is having a social media strategy. Social media strategy consist of submitting content to social sites such as Facebook and twitter.

The new kid on social media scene is Google+. Google+ might not be great for delivering new visitors but in the future it might be as important as Facebook.

Google is also proclaiming the virtue of creating a Google+ page. They sent the following message to all Adsense publishers

Creating a Google+ page brings you closer to your audience by letting you have real conversations with the right people, connecting you face to face, and making it easy for people to recommend you on Google search.

I remember when Facebook and Twitter came to the scene and I was sceptical only to see these services explode. I joined after I started reading stories of website owners who had joined early started reporting seeing massive traffic coming to their sites.

Don't repeat the mistake I did, Join Google plus now, you have nothing to lose.


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