Monday, March 12, 2012

How To Choose Low Cost Web Hosting For A Small Business

As a business owner your goal is to keep cost down and get maximum profits. To achieve that goal you can select a low cost web hosting service for your small business.

But before you sign up for low cost web hosting plan you need to know whether a cheap web hosting plan is good for your small business.

Facts About Low Cost Web hosting plans

Quality Of Service
Very low web hosting prices could mean the service provider is a no frills provider. The reason why he is quoting those dirty cheap prices is because he has zero customer support and small infrastructure to host the websites. If you bite his bait you will regret later when you need help and no one responds. Worst still, you wake up one morning and your website or blog is down because your hosting provider has a server melt down.

Site Security
Cyber security is a hot topic this days. A web host provider needs to invest a lot of money to higher cyber security personnel and necessary software to protect his company and customers from cyber attacks. If some one is promising to provide your small business with dirt cheap prices, ask your self, How is he able to provide online security?

Disk Space
The more things you intend to do with your small business website the more disk space you need. If you only want a web page to show case your business contacts a low cost web hosting plan will work for you. But if you want a website with pictures, videos and an active blog you will need to think big.

Don't be Tricked With Technology Jargon
Many web host know the average guy doesn't know a thing about, disk space and bandwidth. They will tell you they are selling you a low cost unlimited plan but during installation they will secretly cap things. I remember one time a friend called me asking me why he couldn't upload pictures on his small business blog. I checked on his blog files and realised on htaccess file, his host had capped the size of image files that could be uploaded. It is true what they say, cheap can be expensive.

Beware of Middle Men

Many of the low cost web hosting providers out there are middle men or known in the web hosting industry as resellers. A reseller is someone who has bought capacity from a real web hosting company and selling the service to the public. Most people will not admit they are middle men, they will have a real website and pretend to be a real company. Resellers are legit but from my experience it is good to deal with the website hosting company thats does the actual hosting.

A good provider will also offer constant updates, a reliable customer service and software that can greatly help enhance the performance of your website. A good web host company will be able to provide you with only the best features even at a reasonable price. Choose the one that will be able to meet your requirements and at the same time suit your budget.


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