Thursday, March 15, 2012

How To Set Up A Photography Website

A photography website or blog is the perfect place to showcase your best work. That is not all, having a website for your photography business shows potential clients you are serious and professional.

First Get The Domain Name For Your Photography Website

Before you get into other small details of setting up your photography website or blog I would recommend you first check out whether your desired domain name is available and purchase it. Bluehost web hosting will give you a FREE DOMAIN NAME if you sign up for their cheap web hosting package.

Qualities of An Effective Photography Website

An effective photography website i.e. a website that make customers give you business should include the following.

  1. Contact details - It is no use having a website and you don't give essential contact details. Put your real names, email, telephone numbers, Facebook page and Twitter handle.
  2. Testimonials - Ask your satisfied customers to writer a testimonial for you. Research from has shown customers are more likely to purchase when they read customers reviews. The testimonials are seal of approval.
  3. Your Portfolio - Upload some of your best work so that visitors to your photography website can see you are the real deal.
  4. Attractive Homepage - The homepage design should contain an Image that makes a visitor pause for a minutes and say WAW! Internet visitors are impatient lot and you have to work hard to capture their attention.
  5. Have a blog on your website - Blogs are popular with search engines and having an active blog will help your website to rank high on Google.

Design the Photography Website

The above points should be clearly communicated to the designer of your photography website. If you are not sure how you want the photo website to look like, you can check out online for photography website templates.

The following is a list of some of the best photography websites that you can have a look at for some inspiration.

Burn Magazine

Chase Jarvis

Gavin Gough

Timothy Allen Photography

Best Photography websites


Promoting Your Photography Website

The best places to promote your photography websites are photography forums, Facebook and Twitter. Check out digital photography school. Write frequent guest posts on popular photography blogs to build your back links and get targeted traffic.

Web Hosting For a Photography Website : Upload Unlimited Photos

Photography websites are multi media websites with lots of images. These images eat up space and bandwidth. Bluehost web hosting have unlimited hosting plan that doesn't give you a limit on the number of images you can upload.


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