Thursday, March 22, 2012

How To Start A successful Weight Loss Blog

A Weight loss blog can be a good place to write about your goal to lose weight. The blog can be place to network with other people trying to lose weight, a place to track your progress and a place where you write all the new ideas you discover about weight loss.

Weight loss blog can be more than a hobby, the blog can make you some money on the side. You can place Google adsense ads on the blog or sell a weight loss affiliate product. Before you think of making money from your weight loss blog I advice you to first focus on writing top notch articles.

How To Start A Weight Loss Blog

I always advise people wanting to start a blog to start by registering for a free blog from a free blogging service. Go to and get a free blog. Use the blog for 2 months and learn how to write and edit articles and how to play around with the look of a blog. Once you are comfortable with working the blog you can proceed to buying a custom domain for your weight loss blog.

Get A Domain For Your Weight Loss Blog.

A good blog needs a good name. The first step to starting a weight loss blog is purchasing a domain name from a web host / registrar. For a weight loss blog you can use your name and add the word weight loss next to it. Something like

A domain name cost $10 a year but you can GET A FREE DOMAIN NAME from blue host web hosting company when you purchase hosting services from them. They have affordable web hosting plans starting from $6.95 a month.

Learn From The Best In Weight Loss Niche
Let others inspire, check out the following successful weight loss blog websites.

Best Blogs For Losing Weight
  • Diet Gal— Written by Shauna Reid, once weighed 351 pounds. Shauna was able to lose half that weight and keep it off! Now she shares her secrets with diet tips, product reviews, and exercise guides, you too can be a weight loss superhero!

  • The Tippy Toe Diet — The writer talks about her Tippy Toe Diet. Follow her as she shares her experiences on her journey to weight loss, one very small step at a time.

  • Fat Daddy Rants — For a candid look at an overweight father's struggles with weight loss, check this blog out.
  • Lynn's Weigh — Writer, grandmother, and self-professed loser Lynn Haraldson-Bering successfully dropped from a size 32 to a size 6 in the process! She now uses her blog to inspire individuals who want to lose weight.

  • Livin' La Vida Low Carb — Jimmy Moore once weighed over 400 pounds Determined to get rid of the excess weight, Jimmy then tried the Atkins diet, and it worked wonders! He lost an astonishing 180 pounds in a single year! Now Jimmy hopes to share his inspirational story and his secrets to weight loss success via his blog.

Qualities of a Successful weight Loss Blog

  • Honesty, write from the bottom of your heart
  • Share ideas
  • Show empathy to your readers
  • Write every day
  • Use your real name
  • Be reachable, promote your weight loss blog using Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools.

Web Hosting For A Weight Loss Blog Website

Your blog will need a reliable web host. A web host that can provide customer support 247 and most importantly provide technical support. Blue host will assist you in the purchase and installation of your weight loss blog.


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