Friday, March 23, 2012

Must Have Plugins For A New Wordpress Blog

The beauty of wordpress is the thousands of wordpress plugins that you can use to spice up your blog. There are plugins to track traffic, social media, add links etc. All those plugins are good but there are plugins that I think must be installed in a new blog.

In all my new wordpress blogs I make sure I install the following plugins that make using wordpress easier.

Wordpress Plugin To Boost Traffic To A New Blog
All In One SEO Plugin This plugin makes sure your blog is optimized for search engines. It allows you to change the titles of your blog post and add a short description. If used well it can help you increase the CTR of your new blog when people view your blog on Google. On how to make best use of this plugin check out this plugin guide.

Google XML Sitemap - This plugin generates a sitemap of your blog and every time you publish a new post, Google, Bing and other search engines are notified of the changes. The search engines can then come and crawl the new content and add it to their index. The more of your pages are indexed the more visitors you should expect from search engines.

Wordpress Plugins To Make Sure Visitors/Readers Stay Longer
Yet Another Related Post Plugin - What this plugin does is, it adds a list of posts below an article that may be related to the article. Readers reading the articles will be presented with more articles to read. The more articles they read the longer they stay on your site. On How to install it, see plugin guide.

Worpress Plugin To Track Blog Stats
Jetpack From Wordress - previously it was known as wordpress stats. It is a simple plugin that provides you with information about the number of daily pageviews, the blog post that are being read and keywords that users are using to find your content. This is the basic information that you need to keep blogging but if you need data like the location of your visitors you will need to install advanced analytics tools such as sitemeter or Google analytics.

Wordpress Plugin To Deter Hackers
Wordpress firewall plugin - Developed by SEOeggheads this plugin sends you an email every time someone tries to hack into your wordress installation. It is easy to use, you just install it and activate it and you are ready to go. What I like about this plugin is the email they send you includes the hackers IP address. You can then add the IP address to your blocked list in the CPanel. It is not 100% hack proof, I have been hacked several times when it was still running but it has done a good job of deterring amateur hackers.

These are the basic plugins that I first install in a new wordpress blogs to hit the ground running. I add other essential plugins along the way.

Remember, to avoid being hacked make sure to keep all your plugins up to date.


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