Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Plentyoffish Founder Tips On How To Start a Dating Website Business

Markus Frind is the founder of free online dating site called PlentyOfFish.com. In 2006 he posted a Google AdSense check for nearly $1 million CAD. This was not just his lifetime earnings but It was a check for 2 months. As you can see there is money to be made if you go along with your efforts on how to start a dating website business.

How To Start a Dating Website Business The Easy Way

Markus shared his tips on how he built a successful dating website business with this blogger.

He narrated how he started.
Back in 2001 after my birthday someone in the office introduced me to online dating sites. I went back to my desk and checked out udate.com and kiss.com and lavalife/web personals. I was bored and I wanted to chat with people. I was really annoyed when I found out you had to pay for everything, I ended up telling the girl who introduced me to the sites that I could do better and make them for free, so I went and registered Plentyoffish.com.
Is it that easy? Remember he was talking in 2001, then it was easy there was little competition. The key thing he did then was making his dating website free when the competition then, Match.com and Eharmony and Lavalife required subscription.
Starting a dating website business now is harder than in 2001. You will need to do lots of promotions in search engines and social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Methods Of Making Money With A Dating Website
If you are operating a dating website business you have two options of making money. Selling Subscriptions and running advertising on your pages. The best option with advertising is running Google adsense ads on your pages or selling ads directly to advertisers.

Subscription is the best way to monetize a dating website. If you can design a great website that is user friendly, people will pay to join. A subscription based model will lower business risk because users will be paying a recurring monthly fee.

Hardwork Is the Key Success!

This was Markus thoughts on what made plenty of fish successful.
To many people assume an "original idea" is just something that looks visually different then others. I created the first real free dating and the first one that actually worked. Just like Google created the first real search engine that worked. There is no such thing as a secret. When I came home from work I sat down and I forced myself to code for a hour or 2. The enemy was thinking, whenever I paused or started to think I would force myself to type something, its amazing how much you can get done when you just type. There are only 1000 or so sites in the world with massive traffic, and of those mine is the only one that is run by a single person. It's not possible for thousands of people to be as successful as me. For being successful in building sites you need to give something to the surfer faster or better or both. If you want to do pay per click, you just need to be good at picking words to bid on. For that business its just a matter of repetition and fighting boredom. At the end of the day you just need to sit down and DO it. Most people don't.

Choosing A Domain Name For Dating Website
Your site should have a catchy and memorable name, that can be branded. Domain name cost $10 a year but why pay when you can get one free. GET A FREE DOMAIN NAME from Bluehost when you buy web hosting from them.

Web Hosting For a Dating Website.

A dating website eats alot of resources. Users will spend a lot of time on site uploading and downloading image and clicking on pages. You need a web host that can match your needs with zero interruptions.

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