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Secrets On How To Create A Successful Mommy Blog

If you are a stay at home mum with active home life, you can start a mommy blog to connect and share your life with the fellow moms and even dads. Starting your mommy blog could also open other opportunities such as, traveling to trade shows, get free products for testing and make side money through advertising. Today Mommy blogs are no longer just a hobby but have become fully fledged small home businesses.

Secure A Domain Name For For Your Mommy Blog

Before you build or create that mommy blog you need to buy a domain name for your mommy blog. You can use your name and if that is not available you can try adding a verb or adjective next to the name. Domain names cost $10 a year but you can GET A FREE DOMAIN NAME from blue host web hosting company. They will give you a Free domain name if you purchase web hosting from them. They have cheap web hosting packages for mommy bloggers starting from $5.95 a month.

Making Money As A Mommy Blogger

Making Money Online is never easy but if you are willing to learn and be persistence, you will succeed as a mommy blogger. The easiest route to make money from a blog is through Google Adsense advertising program. You can apply to join the program after you have set up the blog and you are getting a few readers. With adsense you don't need to look for advertisers, Google will take care of that.

Mommy bloggers make money through sponsored reviews. Companies dealing with baby care products often pay mommy bloggers to write product reviews. The review doesn't need to be positive, you just need to write an honest review. The payment can be in form of free products or cash payment.

Once you have become successful in your niche you can start selling advertising directly. How much you charge will depend on how much you value your work and the going rate in your niche. Payments can be made directly into your pay pal account.

Installing Wordpress For Your Mommy Blog

The most popular blogging software is wordpress. It is easy to use and it does not require any technical skills.

The following video shows you what you will be doing inside wordpress, how to login, how to write post, how to add images and how to change the look of your mommy blog.

Web Hosting For A Mommy Blog

You need a reliable web hosting company to host your blogs. Your hosting company should allow you to upload as many images you want. Blue host allows you to do this.

Don't worry about the installation of your blog. Blue host have customer support line and they will guide you through the process of installing your wordpress blog.

Inspiring Top Mommy Bloggers

Here are mommy blogs that can inspire you to start and create your own mommy blog.

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