Friday, March 23, 2012

Tips on Making a New Website Launch Announcement

Once you have created your new website you need to make a mega launch to introduce yourself to cyber world. The internet is a big space, unless you shout out, no one will notice you.

The last time I checked there are over 120 million blogs and many more million websites out there and according to BBC a new blog is created every second. To stand out from the crowd you need to make a splash. I will show you tips and ideas on how to successfully launch a new website without spending money.

When it comes to website announcement I urge you not to be shy. Consider the site launch as a baby shower and in every baby shower, the mother is proud of her baby. The new website is your baby and you have put effort and money to build it so be proud of it. Don't be afraid and worry whether people will like your website or not, if you love it because of the quality of the posts and great design, there will be enough people who will agree with you.

Write Guest Post

Find out the top 10 websites in your niche and see whether they accept guest posts. Once you have found websites in your niche that accepts guest posts, write quality 650+ words article with links back to your website and submit them. This is a smart way to launch your blog/website because you will get the much valued back link. You also get new readers from the website.

Blog Commenting

I consider this an underground tactic of launching a new website. Visit top ten websites in your niche and check out there blog. Make an effort to visit daily and leave a comment and make sure to add your website URL on the website field. Your comment should contribute to the discussion and be thought provoking. Readers and regular commentors on the website will click on your comment and check out your website. This is a way to announce yourself without saying am here.

Submit the website to website / blog directory

There are website/blog directory for every niche. Find your niche and register your website. Majority of directories require new websites have some content so make sure before you launch the website you have something like 20 articles published.

Contact Your Local Newspaper

Local newspaper and magazine are ever looking for interesting and filler material to fill the pages. Shoot them an email and tell them why your website is of benefit to the local community. If your new website serves some purpose to the community you can be guaranteed the paper will make an announcement.

Take Advantage of Online Press Release Services

Register with an online press release service and make your website launch announcement. The good press release services require subscription but there are a few ones that are free to use. Examples PRLOG and Free Press Release.

Submit You Website to Google.
Before you do all the above, go to Google and submit your new website. Google will come and crawl and index your new website / blog.

Here is to a successful New Website Launch Announcement.


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