Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tips To Create A Restaurant Website

Creating a website for your restaurant business can be the key to achieving your goals of attracting and retaining customers. Most people check the internet to find local restaurants and you better have a web presence.

Getting a Domain Name For Your Restaurant Website

The domain name of your website must be the same as the name of your restaurant. But the reality is their is a big chance someone has already registered the name you want, and you will need to be a bit creative. You can add the location next to your restaurant name or add an adjective next to the name.

Domain names cost $10 a year but you can get a FREE DOMAIN NAME from blue host web hosting company when you sign up for their hosting service.

Designing a Restaurant Website

Advance in technology have made it for anyone to create and set up a website. If you are planning to do everything for yourself, you can look online for free restaurant website templates. If you don't want to do the actual website design, you can hire a web designer to do it. The designer will create / build the website using web design software such as wordpress and joomla etc.

Qualities of A Good Restaurant Website.

The following elements should be incorporated in your restaurant website.

  1. Location - The major reason of having a website is to help people find you and this detail is a must. Include town and street address and if you feel the location is a bit hidden add information of nearest land mark or other popular building. Email and telephone numbers are also a must.
  2. Menu - A list of your popular dishes should be included.
  3. Special Promotions - add info on past promotions and upcoming promotions.
  4. Testimonials - Ask your customers to rate you and upload this information.
  5. Pictures - Images of interior decor, food and parties you have hosted will help build trust.
  6. A Blog - This is not a must but if you have ideas about food and cooking you can share them here.

Web Hosting For A Restaurant Website

A small business restaurant website will not require a lot in web hosting resources. You can purchase a shared hosting plan from a reliable web host. Blue host web hosting have an affordable web hosting plan that starts at $6 a month. They will give you a free domain name when you buy the hosting service.

Best Restaurant Websites To Inspire You Create You Own

From smashing magazine I found a list of best restaurants websites and I picked my favorites that I found awesome.

Jam Restaurant
Benitos Hat
The Little Cake Parlour
Pizza Luce
Can Jubany


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