Friday, March 9, 2012

Website Hosting Packages For A Small Medium Sized Business

Website hosting packages for a small medium sized business come in three categories, shared hosting, virtual private servers hosting and dedicated servers hosting.

Cost of Different Website Hosting Packages For A Small-Medium Sized Business

In terms of the cost, shared hosting is the cheapest. You can get a shared hosting for as little as $3/month. It is then followed by private servers hosting which start from $50/month. At the top end of hosting services is dedicated server hosting which can as high as $2000/month.

The following Infographic details what each package can do, Images courtesy of inmotionhosting a Los Angeles based web hosting provider.

Factors to Consider When Choosing A Hosting Service for a Small-Medium sized Business.
  1. The number of visitors to your business website. A website with 1000s of monthly visitors will do fine with a shared hosting but when you start clocking 1,000,000 of visitors every month you will need to start considering a dedicated server hosting for your small-medium sized business.
  2. If you are planning to do lots of sales over the website, a dedicated server hosting is the best.
  3. Security of your website is very important, especially if you collect customers credit card and debit card information. In shared hosting a hacker who gets access to one of the website in the network can easily get inside your data base. In this case step up to dedicated server hosting.


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