Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Your New Blogger Blog Is Not Getting Traffic

I started this blog on blogger and after two weeks on writing daily post, I wasn't seeing any traffic from Google search. My post were well optimized for search engine and the Google web master tool showed I was getting the impressions (people searching on Google were seeing the post) but for some reason they were not clicking.

I decided to do a search of my blog on Google and I immediately knew what the problem was. The posts on my Blogger were doing very poorly in a Google search because the title of each post had the blog title in front of it.

My blog is Small Business Website Hosting Articles, and every post I did had the blog title in the front like this: Small Business Website Hosting Articles: How To Set Up a Cheap Business Website. Any one doing a Google search could see the the blog title but the post title was pushed back.

I had been been blogging on wordpress for three years and I knew the power of well optimized post. It seemed, Google the owners of blogger had set the defaults to be the title of each post had the blog title in front of it. This is very bad for search traffic because searchers will not see your individual posts.

Removing the Blog Title From Your Post Title

Wordpress makes it easy to change such things but I did'nt know how to do this on blogger. I found a Google advice from this blogger.

Changing the Template HTML of Your Blogger Blog

From your Blogger dashboard, go to the design page, then press edit html. First, you will want to backup your template in case something goes wrong, and to do that you press the download full template button so you have a backup on your computer.

From his site he will show you the code to delete. You delete that code, and replace it with the one he will show you.


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